Vettel Group

We are pioneer in the export of orthopedic and geriatric articles, reinforces its philosophy of service to its customers, through the production of customized series, shortened delivery times and certification of both the Quality Management System, standard ISO 9001: 2008, as per the specific standard of Sanitary Products ISO 13485.


Addigy Products

  • Head Active
  • Hip Abductor Foam Separator
  • Universal Knee Splint
  • Pyjama bed sheet, long sleeves
  • Geriatric phyjama for adult 1zip, long sleeves
  • Bib (ribbon)
  • Bed Pad
  • Psychiatric Fixing Belt with Magnetic Closure
  • Wrist Restraint for Bed. One Size
  • Abdominal Fixing belt for bed
  • Ankle Restraint for bed. One Size
  • wrist Restraint with magnetic closure
  • 4 pont pelvic fixing belt with safety closure system
  • Trunk Support with zip